Our rotamoulding service

Since 1995, Techneat have been helping clients produce quality rotational moulded products from conception, through the research and design stage, to the manufacture of the final product.

The rotational moulding process offers distinct advantages over other plastic and metal processing methods and products:

  • A range of finishes from smooth to textured surfaces to enhance the final performance of the product
  • Tooling cost is less than one-fifth of blow moulding and injection moulded tools – more economical for short runs
  • Ease of development of prototyping due to low tooling costs and tooling manufacturing
  • Can mould complex shapes and mould in integral inserts (such as screw threads) and graphics
  • Lead times from conception to manufacturing the product are shorter than with other types of plastics moulding
  • Performance of the final product at low cost
  • Produces stress free moulds due to the nature of the moulding process. This makes them both tough and durable, producing an overall product stronger than other plastic processes. This enables a reduction in weight of the mould therefore cutting down on the raw material used
  • Environmental impact is less than in other processes of plastic moulding as raw materials can be recycled in-house.

Development & modelling

As an integral part of pre-production and design process it is often essential to manufacture models or prototypes to conduct appraisal and testing of concept. Our workshops are able to offer a fabrication service to achieve these steps.


Techneat can produce rotational moulds of up to 140 cu ft, with finishing and assembly also offered. Our machinery is microprocessor-controlled for greater productivity, consistency and quality. Our relationship with leading UK tool makers allows us to select a solution suited to your exact needs and specification.

Feasibility & specification

Techneat will offer expert advice on the most economical way forward to commercial running and has a technical interface with the manufacturers of the raw materials to offer you the latest and most suitable solution to your moulding requirements.

It invariably pays to consult Techneat early in the process of designing the item which you want to be rotational moulded. A joint design effort is much more likely to achieve a successful outcome without wasted time or cost. Some of the design criteria which are important in rotational moulding may well be different from those that suit other plastic moulding processes.

Whether you require a single tank for your garden or production runs of mouldings to your specification please get in touch!