VAri Scary

  • The Vari-Scary MkII is our propane gas cannon bird scarer. It has a fully programmable controller allowing you to control when the gun fires throughout the day and on what days of the week.  The body is made of tough polyethylene plastic and has integral handle and sculpted sides to aid carrying.

The ignition system creates a multiple spark in the steel combustion chamber – reducing any possibility of a misfire.  It has a solar panel option that will trickle charge the internal battery, keeping it in perfect condition even in cold weather.

Key Features


  • Durable weatherproof body
  • Integral handle
  • Light weight
  • Detachable cannon
  • 7 day week timer


  • Internal battery kit
  • Solar charger



The Eye Scare is a rotating reflective bird deterrent.  It has a distinctive hawk eye decal with a mirror finish centre retina.  The mirror finish creates bright flashes and the yellow and black colours are known to signify warning in the natural world.  The Eye-scare is a simple device that will not degrade or be damaged in gales.

The Eyescare is quick to install and should be used in set up in sets of three 150m metres apart.  For best results moved on a weekly basis.

Key Features

  • Gale proof
  • No noise complaints
  • Move regularly for best results
  • Low cost


  • Single or double
  • Available in multipaks of 2, 5, 10 & 25