Powder Pro


The Powder Pro is a powder applicator for Monceren and Rhino seed treatments.  Application of powder by hand risks operator contamination and uneven dosing.  The Powder Pro uses an auger screw feed and unique hopper agitation system to ensure accurate application rate.  The hopper is a large 25 litre capacity, so requires fewer fill-ups throughout each day.

The calibration is straightforward and can be carried out in a few minutes.  Unlike other systems the control box can use a GPS speed sensor or your tractor’s ISO bus speed output for reliability and accuracy. 

For large planters the Powder Pro Air is a very cost effective solution.

Key Features

  • 25 litre hopper
  • Auger feed system
  • In-cab rate control
  • Agitation cage


  • GPS speed sensor
  • Auto on/off
  • Air systems for large planters