in furrow V2


The In-furrow V2 is designed to spray soil treatments like Amistar on to the soil around the seed potato at planting.  It uses a direct chemical injection pump to mix chemical with water into the spray line.  
The chemical tank holds just over 20 litres and there are a range of options for the water tank from 100 litres to 600 litres.

The Techneat system has standard fitting kits for most popular makes of planter.  We have worked in conjunction with Hypro and Syngenta to develop an optimised nozzle sizes giving excellent spray pattern – without drift, reduction in nozzle pressure and excellent anti-blockage properties.

There is a full GPS electronic rate control and blockage detection options available.

Key Features

  • Stable nozzle pressure
  • Straightforward use and calibration
  • Dosatron chemical injection pump
  • 20 litre chemical tank


  • 100, 250 and 600  litre water tanks
  • Forward speed GPS rate controller
  • Flexible number of outlets