Nutristart lq


The Nutristart LQ is a liquid fertiliser system for application of starter fertiliser.  Early application of N-P fertiliser can help get the crop ahead of the competing weeds and establish strong root structure before the cold weather of winter.  Stronger crops are less susceptible to slugs and pigeon menace and are more likely to develop a broad canopy preventing birds landing in the crop.  

The spray is typically applied in a pencil jet behind each leg so that only the rape seed benefits from the nutrients.  Placing fertiliser deeper by spraying directly behind leg encourages deeper roots in to the disturbed soil.

Key Features

  • Liquid fertiliser placement
  • GPS speed control
  • Straightforward calibration
  • In-cab rate control


  • High output pump
  • Field mapping interface
  • Front or implement mounted


nutristart gr

Outcast Duo.jpg

The Nutristart GR is a granular fertiliser applicator for conventional and prilled fertiliser. It features corrosion free stainless steel metering housing, distribution head and fishtails.  Metering is achieved with a durable Apcal cartridge, dropping material into a venturi airstream.

It is typically fitted to sub-soiler cultivators with the outlets positioned behind each leg.  The system can be fitted with a piggy back seeder unit to convert the Nurtistart GR into a Terracast Duo.

It is shown above with a Microcast applying slug pellets and a Terracast V2 delivering OSR.

Key Features

  • Stainless steel components
  • 400 litre hopper
  • Powerful hydraulic fan
  • In cab rate control


  • Flexible number of outlets
  • Rotor sizes for all rates