The Maxicast is principally a nematicide applicator for 3 bed tillers.  The mounting can either be front or on the rear as can the product delivery point.  The hydraulic fan is capable of blowing nematicide product from the front to the back and evenly distributing across a width of up to 6m.

It can also be used to apply cover crops.  In the smaller picture above it is being used on a power harrow to seed barley.  Barley is used to prevent soil erosion and seed disturbance on the light fen soils.  In Lincolnshire some growers use their Maxicast to establish game cover.

Key Features

  • 400 litre hopper
  • For nematicides and seeds
  • GPS forward speed sensor
  • In-cab rate control


  • All weather cover
  • Front or implement mounting
  • 5.4m boom (3 beds)